Experience + learn your power, beauty, and all the possibilities within the female body in through workshops + courses for women.


For over 5000 years, we have been living as a patriarchy.

A patriarchy where our feminine powers,
our feminine essence,
our feminine beauty,
has been repressed.

But today, the times are changing.
For women, it is a time when we have more freedom, power + expression than ever before. 
We are coming into our power,
we are realising our essence, 
+ we are feeling more free to express ourselves completely.

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This is NOT feminism!

We are not endeavouring to overtake patriarchy with a matriarchy!

Rather, we need to work together to learn + own our individual power, so that we can bring the planet back into balance.

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Within our shame, 
is our power.
Within our insecurities,
is our beauty.
Within our wild,
is our freedom.

Many things that make us female, we have been taught are shameful, dirty, promiscuous, too much...
You know what I mean!
Our powers were reined in by the patriarchy to maintain control, and not be taken over by the power of the pussy.
This is why witches were burnt at the stake.
This why married women were not able to work.
This why for many years, women were hardly even considered human.
And this is why after thousands of years of repression,
we need to learn + reconnect to our innate feminine + female powers.


The list is endless...

But I am going to highlight a few I consider highly relevant + important.


If there are any special powers you stongly believe in that we have as women, that I have not mentioned here, I would love you to share them with me here!

  • Intuition - our inner witch is REAL!

  • Creativity - our creativity is endless! Not only can we create life, you would be amazed at the creative endeavours we can birth when we put our minds to it!

  • Sensuality, Pleasure + Feelings - we have the capacity to feel and enjoy please more than we know. For so long it has been about the pleasure of the man, but how about our pleasure?!

  • Our Wild Woman - she is untamed, ferocious, unbridled and beautiful. We all have her within us wanting to come out!

  • Our Cyclic Nature + Our Connection to Nature - our hormones, menstrual cycle, the seasons + the moon are all intricately connected. By living in alignment with out cyclic nature we have access to power beyond our imaginations.

  • Our Menstruation + Hormones - based on our hormones our cycle is divided into four parts, which is relatable to the four seasons. Within each part we have female superpowers!

  • Our Flow - we can flow with our feelings, emotions, the seasons, our power...

  • Our Emotional Expressiveness - our emotions have been repressed for many years, but these are intricately related to our capacity to flow + feel. Not to mention, they are incredibly beautiful!

  • Our Womb + Vaginas/Yonis - both our wombs + our vaginas/Yonis are our powerhouses of creation and intuition. The essence of the feminine which largely distinguishes us from our male counterparts. 

  • Our Heart + Breasts - the feminine is led by the heart, which is guarded by our beautiful breasts. The connection of the two is incredibly intricate. 

  • Sisterhood - our connection to our fellow women is incredibly beautiful. The creativity, power, love + support within them is beyond anything else. We need to be supporting each other + working together, not bringing each other down!


In alignment with the rising up of the feminine, I am right now working on workshops + courses, which I hope can be offered near you!

If you resonate with what you have read on this page, please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me here!

I would love to bring something to you, collaborating with you, or just connecting!!

We are all in this together!

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