Experience your powerwisdom within your own body, as you have sessions tailored to your exact needs.



Embodiment is to inhabit your body,
to experience it completely,
to fully feel it,
to feel your
+ your knowing.

Our body's are the only tool that we have to feel,
the only tool we have to experience all of life.
All our senses are within our body's!
In our body we experience pleasure, joy, wisdom + power.
What we can feel and experience in our body's is limitless!
It is in our body that we feel who we truly are!

It is this feeling,

that is the essence of The Feminine. 

Do you feel DISEMBODIED?

Disembodiment is the opposite of embodiment:

it is when you are disconnected from your body. 


You are disconnected from your feelings, sensations, knowing, intuition.  

You are disconnected from your life force:

Your Feminine!

When you are disembodied, you might feel numb, like you cannot access your full self.
You might feel purposeless, yearning for something + continually looking for answers outside of yourself.
You might fill your emptiness with external things, yet you are not sure what you want or desire.
You might lack boundaries, struggle with decisions, lack confidence, power, sensuality, and self-worth.

Dancer in Sunset

But, the good news is...

We ALL have the capacity to feel + tune into our physical,
+ energetic bodies!

We all possess them, and we all have the capacity to feel them!

Our conditioning often teaches us that

doing is above being,

+ thinking is above feeling.

Read more about the our social conditioning and the polarity of the masculine and feminine here.

When we are conditioned in this way, we do not allow ourselves to truly feel. 

And without our feeling body, we cannot be in the feminine. 

The key to our feminine depth,

is our sensitivity to feel.

We ALL have the capacity to be embodied!

This feminine feeling is our fuel.

It allows us to connect to ourselves and others.

We can use our feeling feminine through everything - it is a way of life!

What to EXPECT?

In the individual sessions we discuss in-depth what it is you want to invoke in your life...

Maybe you want to feel less stressed?

A deeper connection to your body + self?

A greater sense of feeling, pleasure, or presence in your life?

Or maybe you want to increase your confidence, freedom, spontaneity, or creativity?

Or you want to overcome a challenge?


Whatever it might be, once we have established what it is that you want to change or grow in your life, we will work together to create a embodiment practices unique to your needs that can be incorporated into your life. 

It is through this, that you will be guided to your answers within your own body. 

Downward Dog Pose

You have all the answers within you  already!

Sometimes you just need a little guidance to remember...

Why can I help you?

With my background in nursing, healthcare, yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga therapy studies, dance, tantra and years of self-development + wellness experience, I have many tools to help you be your most vibrant and embodied you have ever been! 
I have many tools to help you remember who you are!

Be sure to contact me here for a discovery session if you wish to work with me!

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