Courses + workshops to invoke your feminine power


Experience your feeling + flow within your body through guided classes.

Shakti Yoga is blend of traditional Yoga poses with free, and intuitive movement.
Through the connection of movement and breath,
we fluidly flow through gentle movements and postures.
It goes beyond the structured practise of Yoga, as the
+ expression
of Shakti are embraced.

Group Yoga Session
Women Holding Hands


Experience + learn your power, beauty, and all the possibilities within the female body in through workshops + courses for women.

Within our shame, 

is our power.

Within our insecurities,

is our beauty.

Many things that make us female, we have been taught are shameful, dirty, promiscuous, too much...you know what I mean!

Many of our powers have reined in by the patriarchy to maintain control over the last 5000 years, and not be taken over by the power of the pussy!

However, now we live in a perfect time where the world i coming back into balance.

In these workshops + courses you will learn the wonderful powers that we have as women, and how we can work together to create our best life!


Experience your power + wisdom within your own body, as you have sessions tailored to your exact needs.

In the individual sessions we discuss in-depth what it is you want to invoke in your life.

Whatever it might be, once we have established what it is that you want to change or grow in your life, we will work together to create a embodiment practices unique to your needs that can be incorporated into your life. 

It is through this, that you will be guided to your answers within your own body. 

Yoga Asana

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