8-Week Beginner Shakti Yoga Courses

Starting March 19. @ Atelier Yoga Solothurn
Courses on Tuesdays @ 8.30-10.00 + Thursdays @ 17.15-18.45.
Every week for 8 weeks.

Shakti Yoga is blend of traditional Yoga poses with free, and intuitive movement.


Through the connection of movement and breath,
we fluidly flow through gentle movements and postures.
It goes beyond the structured practise of Yoga,

as the
+ expression
of Shakti are embraced.

Shakti is the Divine Feminine creative power flowing through all of us.
Shakti empowers us to be luminous, radiant, creative, sensual + in-flow with our life.
Shakti is the creative and transformational energy within all of us.

  • Each week we explore different, physical, emotional, spiritual + energetic bodies that work in alignment together, as you tune into your feeling + flowing feminine energy.

  • Expand your understanding of your feeling body, sensuality, creativity + flow every time you practise, + feel it overflow into your everyday life.

  • Each week there will be the opportunity to drink tea and chat together after class. You will be practising with the same people every week, where I envision we can get to know each other if you so wish, + we can support each other and create a small community.

  • This is a course structure to make a commitment to yourself, and give yourself the time to access these qualities of Shakti + create a deeper connection within your own body.

  • Each week small practises will be offered for you to practise in your own time throughout the week, if you desire.

If you are looking for more freedom and expression on your mat, + more spontaneity, flow, + creativity in your life, then this is a practise for you.

Not to mention, every week you will leave your mat feeling at peace + revitalised!

Learn more about Shakti Yoga here.

8 classes + take home practises for 200CHF

Please contact me to register!
There are minimum numbers to begin, + maximum numbers.
So get in quick!

All levels of experiences welcome.

The courses are taught in English.

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