We all have equal quantities of feminine + masculine energy within us

We live in a world,


where there is greater emphasis on

thinking over feeling,

doing over being

going over flowing,

the future over the present,

analysis over intuition,

structure over spontaneity,

speaking over listening,


head over heart.

All these qualities that we give greater emphasis, 

are qualities of the masculine.

For thousands of years,

we have been led to believe that the feminine qualities within us,

are far inferior, than those qualities of the masculine.

As a consequence, it is these aspects of ourselves,

that we spend most of our lives cultivating. 

Neither the masculine,
nor the feminine,
are more important than the other.

We require both to live a balanced life. 

Without the energy of the feminine we struggle to create, flow +manifest.

Without of the energy of the masculine, we are avoid of focus + direction - we are chaos.

The Masculine

Qualities of the masculine that our society reveres:









The Feminine

Qualities of the feminine which are often considered secondary, yet come naturally to many of us. 







Emotional expressiveness





Can you relate to this?

In an ideal world, we would all have a balance of both masculine + feminine


The qualities of the feminine are equally needed,

+ need to be equally revered. 

Without this true acknowledgment of our feminine nature,

 it can leave us feeling numb and disconnected. 

It often results in women feeling inadequate,

+ continually feeling like we have something to prove.

While men feel as if they cannot express themselves completely

+ should always remain ‘strong’.

It is through the qualities of the feminine that we create a deeper connection to who we are. 
We connect to our feeling body, our wisdom, our beauty, and our power.



Free Your Feminine endeavours to guide you to reconnect you to your feminine essence + power. 

Through the practises and education offered, you are given the tools to calm + move out of your busy goal-orientated mind, back to the presence of your body. 

It is only in the present-moment where we can tune into our body, and where we can truly feel.

For example, when you are sick or in pain, it is only this that you can focus on. You can lie in bed and do nothing but focus on the uncomfortable sensations. 

Imagine being able to tune into the presence of your body when you are healthy, and tuning into all the pleasure, sensitivity, joy and freedom, within your own beautiful body. 

We are always ‘busy’, that we rarely allow ourselves this time.

It is our feminine that allows us to truly listen, that allows us to be guided by our intuition, and generates our spontaneity and creativity.  

It is through the qualities of the feminine that we create a deeper connection to who we are. 

We connect to our feeling body, our wisdom, our beauty, and our power. 

Through connecting to our feminine nature,
we can create balance in our self,
in our life,
+ in the world.


Hi beautiful souls!!!

It is great you are here!

If you have read this far, thank you! And, I would love to hear from you!

My name is Lucy,
+ I dream of a world where it we can unapologetically be ourselves.

A world where we do not feel expectations to be a certain way,
+ where our differences are viewed as our gifts.

A world where we can express ourselves completely,
+ people do not feel awkward but admire our beauty,


A world where we can just 'be',
+ we do no feel like we have to justify our lack-of-actions.


But most of all,
I dream of a world where the powers of the feminine are recognised, understood,
+ revered just a equally as the qualities of the masculine.


I dream of serving our society,
to bringing balance back into our world.


My Story

In 2013, I quit my stable and well-paid job as a nurse in Australia, packed up my life into a backpack, + caught a one-way ticket to India. Alone.

I did not know why, where, or for how long, but I just knew I needed to explore all I knew about India: Yoga and Spirituality. 

I was done living a life guided by expectations, I needed to work out what I wanted. 

I was completely disconnected from who I was, I was riddled with insecurities, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do with this life. All I knew, was it was time to work it out. 


I spend three years abroad. Two in total in India. 

I extensively studied Yoga, meditation, philosophy, Tantra + dance.

I worked, and travelled through parts of Asia, US, Europe and the Middle-East. 

Until I felt it was time to return home.

Back in Australia I began my own business teaching Yoga. Despite completing a Yoga Teaching Certificate in India for my own learning, I never had the intention of teaching. However, I followed my flow + it organically unfolded. 

Eventually, I relocated in Australia for studies in Yoga Therapy, + then Psychology. But, the greatest gift of all was the exploration of myself through dance. In particular, a form a stumbled across  called Shiva Shakti Dance, a form of women’s devotional erotic dance exploring the polarity of the masculine + feminine. 

It is this dance, that bought me home. 

Through connecting to the feminine within me consciously, I truly fell in love with myself for the first time.

I experienced the power, beauty and magnetism of the feminine, of myself.

I thought, + still do, that every woman should experience this!


Now three years on,
I am based in Europe,
+ I am more passionate about sharing the powers of the feminine more than ever! 

I have continued to extensively study the qualities and powers of the feminine, + I am ready to begin sharing what I have learnt.


I wish to provide a platform for you to experience this love, joy, freedom + power within yourself,

that I experienced.


That I continue to experience every day.


That you can experience too!


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