All the pleasure, joy, and freedom we desire,


we can access within our own body.

Free Your Feminine

Offers exploratory and intuitive movement practises, so the whispers of wisdom from our body's can be heard.

We are reminded of our aliveness,

as we access the infinite pleasure and joy within.

We are reminded of our beauty,

as we tune into how we truly feel.

We are reminded of our creativity,

as we express ourselves completely.

We reminded of who we are,

as we open up to the infinite gateways of freedom from within.

What We Offer?

Free Your Feminine offers practises to engage our feminine power.
The feminine power that is within every single one of us,
regardless of our sexual identity and orientation.
In today's society, it is these feminine qualities, we most struggle to express.
The feminine qualities of love and compassion,
sensitivity and sensuality,
feeling and flow,
creativity and community,
and simply just 'being'.
It is what we not only need to practise to offer to one another, 
but we need to offer it to ourselves.

Shakti Yoga

Experience your feeling + flow within your body through guided classes.

The Sacred Feminine

Experience + learn your power, beauty, and all the possibilities within the female body in through workshops + courses for women.

Yoga Asana

Feminine Embodiment Facilitation

Experience the power and wisdom within your own body, as you have sessions tailored to your exact needs. 


Straight from the Source

Lucy introduced me to Yoga.
She was the first instructor and yoga session I had ever attended. The first session I knew I was born for this!! I cried and felt like I was coming home!
I was grateful for her intuitive, gentle, loving and beautiful way of teaching and guidance.
Lucy taught me the freedom in yoga. The freedom to be me, to recognise that the stretches I had already been doing daily was yoga...she showed me it’s not just this way or that way. The freedom to embrace who I am and to enjoy listening to my body as she leads me through her moves. As we have continued in our connection beyond the yoga classes locally, we now embrace any moment we can to Skype yoga! She has since taught me Shakti Yoga and Yoni Egg Yoga. Oh wow! To learn Yoga was one thing but...But it’s like I’m addicted to Shakti/Yoni Yoga...I feel so connected to myself, so alive, full, loved and empowered!
Thank you beautiful Lucy for you being who you are, sharing your love through your gift and passion to the feminine rising up! Blessings always as you empower others to free their feminine!️️

 I met Lucy at a Yoga School where she was teaching, I walked around the corner and felt insanely at home in her presence. She has an ability to welcome all walks of life and make everything about ‘you’ feel safe to explore whether in mourning or laughter.

I had been feeling ‘stuck’ by retaining my emotions, uncertain of how to get out of what I was internally experiencing. A relief rushed over me during practice as I discovered my own power and expansion - altering my reality for the better. Since Lucy’s classes, I feel comfortable exploring stored emotions, releasing safely through movement, and returning anew. Subsequently, continuing my journey of self-acceptance - I have moved worlds.

It is evident Lucy lives what she teaches; practicing creativity, moving, learning, and focusing inwardly to heal past known/unknown wounds. Lucy is an absolute wealth of knowledge with her inner work making the content authentic. I am filled with gratitude for having met Lucy; her vulnerability and open mindset allow others to be the same.

Thank you for allowing me to be softer and gentler, and teaching me to love

and discover my femininity.

Thank you for your safe space, patience and life mission. You are a true gift. Love you darling.

Cari Schuster - Life Coach, Author

Jamie McGuirk - Yoga Teacher

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